UK & Finland

2006 ongoing

Introducing Tumbleweeds to the British Landscape

I have used a leaf-blower to escort genuine American tumbleweeds through city streets in the UK and beyond since 2007.

'The two, woman and weed, suggest a wilderness within and about us;
densely populated suburbias are touched by the cinematic signifier of
emptiness, loneliness and distance.' (Gregg Whelan)

It feels like it has become a meditative process whereby this isolation and almost pointless endeavour, becomes a pause for interaction with the city, the landscape and it's inhabitants.' (Matt Davenport)

Bizarrely, tumbleweeds can be bought from an internet site which guarantees "If they don't tumble, we don't sell 'em".

Parading the tumbleweeds through the UK alieanates them further from their native environment. They represent a state of mind or mood. People can feel alienated and hopeless rather like these strange, spherical, directionless plants.

These performances are all available on video and have been screened nationwide.

Where I performed Tumbleweed:

10.05.08            Keeping it Live Performance of “Tumbleweed” in Hertford around town centre

14-16.03.08            Roam (invited artist) Tumbleweed performance around Loughborough city centre in association with Radar, a local arts organisation and a festival on art and walking.

12.10.07            Light Night (Leeds)
Collaboration with Flash Mod to create mass hugging piece and performance of blowing mini-tumbleweed along streets

27 - 30.09.07             ANTI–Festival, Finland (invited commissioned artist)
                        Daily performance of Introducing Tumbleweeds to the Finnish Landscape

01.09.07 – 070.09.07
                        Residency at 42 New Briggate, Leeds
                        Daily tumbleweed performances using different outfits

23/06/07            Perambulator (Live art and media event in conjunction with the Showroom)
                        Performance – Sheffield

23/09/06            Fresh Festival
                        First presentation of Tumbleweed performance